Professor Anastasia S. Safigianni

MSc Theses

1. G. Lappas
Contribution to the optimum planning of a low voltage power distribution network, MScT1/31-10-2002

2. C. Tsompanidou
Electromagnetic field measurements in a 150kV/20 kV power substation, MScT2/15-06-2005

3. S. Pournaras
Night lighting of the Byzantine fortification and the surrounding area of Philippi, MScT3/26-10-2005

4. P. Ramnalis
Investigation of the Distributed Generation Penetration in a Medium Voltage Power Distribution Network, MScT4/19-01-2009

5. A. Spyridopoulos
Investigation of the penetration of photovaltaic units to the medium voltage power distribution network of the prefecture of Xanthi, MScT5/18.1.2012

6. F. Pavlidou
Investigation of the distributed generation penetration on a network voltage profile, MScT6/9.4.2014

7. Α. Tsimtsios
Optimazation of the reliability indices of a medium voltage power distribution network, MScT7/2.2.2015