Professor Anastasia S. Safigianni

Power System Model

  • Power supply unit tests
  • Phase sequence test
  • Transmission line power flow and voltage variation
  • Phase angle and voltage drop between the origin and the end nodes of a power network.
  • Real and reactive power flow parameters
  • Voltages having anequal meters and equal phase angle
  • Voltages having equal meters and anequal phase angle
  • Voltages having anequal meters and phase angles
  • Power in transmission lines
  • Transmission line voltage regulation with rotating capacitors. Circular power diagrams
    • Lines without capacitance
    • Lines with capacitance
  • Power division between parallel lines using transformers to adjust the voltage meter and phase angle
  • Power system stability
  • Interruption and resupply of a synchronous motor in a no-load operation
  • Load rejection
  • Short - circuits